How do I register for an event?

Find the event you would like to compete in by clicking the “Events” tab on this website. Most shows have an online registration process but some require a mail in application. Send in your application and entry fees to the address on the application. At this point, some promoters will schedule you for a polygraph screening and others will require you to contact the polygraph examiner to schedule a testing appointment.


What categories are offered?

  • Bikini
  • Bodybuilding – Men
  • Bodybuilding – Women
  • Figure
  • Fit Body
  • Men’s Physique
  • Teen 15-19 in all categories
  • Junior – 20-23 in all categories
  • Masters 40+ in all categories
  • Grand Masters Bodybuilding 50+
  • Ultra Masters Bodybuilding 60+
  • The criteria for each category is located here.

(Some categories may not be available in the Philippines)


Crossovers may occur between an age division and Open or Novice, or between categories such as Figure & Fit Body, or Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding.Debut Competitors – 1st time “debut” athletes may cross over into Novice not Open.

Why do you not allow novice to open crossovers?

Novice athletes should have a goal to gain competition experience, and do the best they can. By not allowing Open competitors to cross back into Novice, this gives people the best chance to compete with other beginners. It makes for a fair playing field for real Novice competitors. Open class competitors should have competed before, and are working towards winning Pro status.

What is the definition of Novice?

Novice competitors are either first time competitors, someone who has competed and has not placed, or has not placed top three in an Open class. If you win a Novice class, you are then required to compete in an Open division.

What is the definition of Junior?

20 – 23 years of age


To compete in an WNBF event, an athlete must have a current WNBF membership. Memberships are active for 11 months (expiration is the end of the month prior to competition month the next year). For example if you compete on 7/16/16, your membership will expire 6/30/17. You may compete in any WNBF event during this time frame.

International Athletes

Amateur Affiliate of the WNBF in the United States, or in an affiliate country as long as there is not a WNBF affiliated federation in their country. If a WNBF affiliate has been established in your country you must purchase that organizations membership card and compete within your country.


Am I required to take the polygraph?

Yes, we require all competitors to take and pass an intense polygraph. This test is good for 6 weeks for amateurs and pro’s. If you are entering another WNBF event please let the show promoter know you have been tested and they will confirm this with a WNBF official.

Can I use another organizations polygraph test?

No. Because of our strict drug testing policies and 10 year drug free requirement, all competitors must test with our highly skilled and licensed polygraph professionals.

How long does the polygraph take?

The polygraph screening itself is not a long process and is usually completed on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday prior to a Saturday competition. The pre-screening process by promoters, completing the athlete questionnaire, and multiple other pre-interviews do take significantly more time. All of the information disclosed during the pre screening process is necessary for our organization and our polygraph examiners to make polygraph test results more reliable and valid. You should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out paperwork. Some examiners will require you to submit pre-screening paperwork in advance. A valid ID, drivers license, or passport also needs to be provided to the polygraph examiner as does any prescription medications.

Am I required to urine test?

All athletes who win a WNBF Pro Qualifying class will submit to mandatory urinalysis testing on the spot. These urine specimens will be analyzed by our labs in either Utah or California. After we receive the results athletes are notified of their WNBF Professional status and they may now activate their WNBF Pro card.

WNBF Professional athletes who win prize money always submit to urinalysis testing. Amateurs and pro’s may only wear a posing suit when submitting a urinalysis test in front of a WNBF officials. WADA chain of custody procedures must be followed by WNBF Officials and the athlete. Amateurs or pro’s who do not submit to urinalysis testing will face disqualification an/or suspension.

Banned Substances/Prescribed Medications:

Please read the banned substance list thoroughly prior to submitting a supplement.

* An athlete who has failed a polygraph or urinalysis test with any federation must divulge this information prior to registering with the wNBF. Polygraph failures result in a 10 year to life suspension.

Weight Classes (5) – Men’s Amateur Bodybuilding
  • Bantamweight
    • Under 150 lbs (Under 68kg)
  • Lightweight
    • 150-165 lbs (68.03-74.84)
  • Middleweight
    • 165.25 – 176 lbs (74.95-79.83 kg)
  • Light Heavyweight
    • 176.25 – 190 lbs (79.94-86.18 kg)
  • Heavyweight
    • Over 190 lbs (Over 86.18 kg)
Weight Classes (3) – Men’s Amateur Bodybuilding
  • Lightweight
    • Under 165 lbs (under 74.84 kg)
  • Middleweight
    • 165.25 – 189 (174.85 – 85.73 kg)
  • Heavyweight
    • Over 190 lbs (Over 85.73 kg)
Weight Classes (2) – Women’s Bodybuilding

At or near 118 lbs (up to 53.5 kg or it will be 1 class)

(Weight classes may differ than what is listed)


There must be at least Eight (8) competitors in the following categories for a WNBF Pro Card to be awarded (No Exceptions)

  • Bikini
  • Figure
  • Men’s Bodybuilding
  • Men’s Physique

There must be at least Five (5) competitors in the following classes for a WNBF Pro Card to be awarded (No Exceptions)

  • Women’s Fit Body
  • Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Masters (All categories)


  • Super Pro Qualifiers are granted to larger events.
  • If there is more than 1 class in a given division there must be at least eight (8) competitors in that class in order for a WNBF Pro card to be offered – there are no exceptions. If there are 8 athletes signed up and and a contestant backs out of competing or becomes ill and there is only 7 contestants the day of the show that class is no longer WNBF Pro card eligible.

*Pro Card winners submit a urine specimen the day/evening of the competition!

**WNBF Professionals who place in the money submit to urinalysis testing. Failure for any athlete to test may result in disqualification and/or suspension.

***WNBF Pro’s may be tested on the spot either in our out of season. Failure to provide a urine specimen to a WNBF Official will carry a lifetime ban from WNBF Professional membership privileges.

Pro’s from other organizations – am I eligible for the WNBF?

The WNBF only accepts pro card winners through the International Affiliate Sanctioned events worldwide.


Open WNBF Pro’s; Open Pro’s are eligible to compete in any WNBF event worldwide except Worlds which requires qualification. Pro’s qualified in multiple categories must select 1 (one) category per event. No crossovers are allowed. Pro’s who are over the age of 40 are automatically qualified for Pro Masters events.

Masters WNBF Pro’s: People holding Masters Pro cards may Not compete in Open Pro classes unless they ALSO hold an Open Pro Card (ie. won an Open Pro card). Pro Masters competitors who win a pro masters event or the overall at a pro masters event are still not eligible to compete in WNBF Open Pro Events.

Can I compete in any WNBF Pro event?

The WNBF has Pro events across the country and throughout the year. If you hold a current WNBF Pro card, you are eligible for all of them. The only event that requires a qualification is the WNBF World Championship. To compete in the WNBF World Championships, you need to compete in any WNBF Pro show in the year of the Worlds you are hoping to compete. You will also be qualified if you have placed top three at the previous year Worlds or won an Overall Pro title any time in the WNBF.

If I win prize money, when do I receive it?

If you win prize money, your checks will be sent within 30 days of receiving urine testing results. You will be required to fill out a W9 form before we submit payment to you.

I just won my pro card, when do I have to compete?

Pros are required to compete within a year of winning their pro card. If you have circumstances regarding a delay, please contact us for an extension. Extensions are granted for medical reasons, pregnancy or personal hardships.

Once I have competed, what do I have to do to stay eligible as a pro?

Pros are required after their first pro show to compete every two years and to keep dues current. Annual Pro Membership Fees are required to be up to date at all times.


It is a privilege to compete in the WNBF and we hold our athlete membership expectations to the highest level in the sport. A competitor shall be disqualified from further participation in WNBF sanctioned events for the following violations: fraud, drug test failure, unsportsmanlike conduct, slander, inappropriate social media, profanity, violation of rules, and/or contest conditions, as well as any illegal activity such as stealing, harassment, aggression, vandalism, etc. Disqualifications can lead to suspension on a temporary or permanent basis. Suspensions are at the discretion of the Executive Committee and can be based on recommendations received from a Regional Director or Promoter. The WNBF shall maintain a list of all disqualifications and disperse information as appropriate.


As coaches/trainers, you are an integral part of the development of the natural competitor. Leadership for the athletes comes from all of us, including coaches and trainers. The following steps will be taken to enforce code of conduct for Athletes, Coaches, and Spectators who act inappropriately;

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Warning
  • Suspension and/or Permanent Expulsion from all WNBF & Affiliate Events